Practice and exercise your plan!

Crisis Ready Group is a strong leader in exercise design and training scenarios to ensure your teams are ready to tackle any problem head on. Our associates bring decades of operational and instructional experience within the Incident Command System. We provide robust real-world testing scenarios as well as the appropriate training sessions needed to bring your business up to speed.

It’s just as important to test a plan, as it is to have a plan in place. Creating realistic, relevant exercises to stress your critical systems is a must. Every business should find the time and resources to commit to planning and testing to make sure that Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are met. Our team will create training scenarios and work with your departments to ensure that critical areas identified in the business impact analysis are effectively mitigated. Crisis Ready Group can also evaluate your current exercise designs and look for ways to enhance them, keeping in mind budgets and time constraints.

Whether you need a 1-day workshop or an in-depth, multiyear approach (tabletop exercises, functional exercises, and full-scale exercises), our programs are designed to prepare individuals, departments, and the entire company to handle identified risks and threats. When possible, Crisis Ready Group prefers to follow the Department of Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

Our team has decades of emergency operational response experience. If your company is ready to commit to becoming a stronger, more resilient organization, then reach out to us—we are dedicated to improving ready.

Start exercising your plan