crisis ready group shelter developmentShelter Development: Are you ready?

Crisis Ready Group is the national leader in shelter development. Are you a church, event center, hotel, school, or other entity with the capacity to house large numbers of people? Consider volunteering your site as a shelter in case of disaster or community crisis. Public agencies may also approach you about turning your facility into a shelter. If these are possibilities, then you should consider a detailed shelter analysis. Not only does it offer you the ability to assist your community when needed, it adds a measure of security against potential losses and damage to your facility if used for sheltering.

Historically handled by public agencies and the American Red Cross, shelter site development and management have begun to spread to the private sector. As disasters afflict greater portions of the population, public agencies are turning to private entities to support their sheltering efforts. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Katrina, Andrew, and others all have examples of public agencies establishing ad hoc shelters with private groups due to increased demand, lack of resources, and the rapidly changing conditions of disasters themselves.

Our shelter development services include site surveys, contingency plans, asset management, shelter operations, shelter management teams, rapid response management teams, and more. When combined with our business continuity planning and business impact analysis, shelter development becomes even more solid.

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