Preparing Your Business

Business continuity planning provides a head start in ensuring your business stays afloat following a critical event. At Crisis Ready Group, we make certain you are ready to meet the challenges of a disruption and identify the risks, vulnerabilities, and gaps that your company will need to address in a Business Continuity Plan. In addition to working with your board-level executives and crisis teams, we provide the training and exercise designs necessary to test the various systems and departments within your company.

Is your business ready for a crisis, disruption, or failure? How fast can you return to normal operations? Many companies have short windows of time to get back on track before serious consequences occur. Make sure your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) has been outlined, planned for, and exercised to ensure continued operations in the shortest time possible.

If your business suffers from a data loss, how quickly can you recover? Have you considered your Recovery Point Objective (RPO)? Do you need to meet specific industry regulations and standards? The necessity of data in today’s environment can never be understated. Make sure your Business Continuity Plan includes an IT annex that covers all elements of your IT infrastructure—hardware, software applications, recovery procedures, and specified time frames. Each of these items, and more, need to be accounted for in your plan.

Crisis Ready Group offers full service business continuity planning with cloud-based plan management software and a dedicated support staff available to assist your team during an event.


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