Crisis Ready Group Services

Crisis Ready Group offers a number of services to meet our clients’ needs. We believe that every business, whether large or small, can benefit from an adequately prepared plan. Preparing a plan and providing real-world exercises along with training allows our clients to become more resilient in the face of disaster. Explore our services below and know we are here to assist with improving your readiness.

Emergency Plans Review

Do you already have a plan in place? Do you need an independent outside review of your plan? Let Crisis Ready Group review your plan and make recommendations based on best practices. We have worked with local, county, and state agencies and provided guidance on how to improve their plans. We can also take your plans and build out training sessions and create exercises to test your plans.

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Shelter Development

Crisis Ready Group is the national leader in shelter development. Are you a church, event center, hotel, school, or other entity with the capacity to house large numbers of people? Consider volunteering your site as a shelter in case of disaster or community crisis.

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Training & Exercise Development

Our team will create training scenarios and work with your departments to ensure that critical areas identified in the business impact analysis are effectively mitigated. Crisis Ready Group can also evaluate your current exercise designs and look for ways to enhance them, keeping in mind budgets and time constraints.

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